The Woolpack Inn – A Home From Home

Husband and wife team, Terry and Nicki, met whilst working at a top London hotel and have now worked together for over 35 years. Their great depth of experience is evident in this successful pub’s management, welcoming appearance and attention to detail having honed their skills over the years. They have created a cosy home away from home.

Nicki says, “We were welcomed to The Woolpack Inn in picturesque Chilham in 2010 and now we work alongside our children Elizabeth, James and Thomas. The wonderful full team at The Woolpack Inn forms our extended family with a common commitment to old-fashioned customer service. We want our guests to feel as though this is a real home away from home, create the perfect escape for the entire family and make them want to come back to our comfort, beautifully cooked food and even to our friendly ghost, The Grey Lady who is believed to wander around the inn.

We are blessed to own such a great pub in a beautiful medieval village. We are very aware of the pub’s history, which is dating since the early 1400’s and we want to pay our respects to this. We also hope to tell the world about this hidden gem and invite everyone to experience The Woolpack Inn in the historic village of Chilham, in Kent – itself steeped in history.

Our award winning restaurant treats all of our guests with locally sourced ingredients of the highest quality, where simple honest cooking is the order of the day. We find it rewarding to support local producers, suppliers and businesses hence why our home-cooked menu is filled with locally sourced ingredients.

So, come on in, leave your muddy boots by the door and sit back in front of the fire with the dog asleep at your feet and relax to the aroma of freshly cooked bread drifting out of the kitchen
We look forward to welcoming you to our home, The Woolpack Inn”.