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Laughton’s Poultry

Free Range Oven Ready Poultry

Waterham Farm

Laughton’s Poultry



ME13 9EQ

Shaun Laughton owner of Laughton’s Poultry prides himself on the quality of his free-range ducks and chickens. Situated in the beautiful countryside of Faversham, We sell to selected local business, as we believe that local produce is far better for business and the consumer alike, our ducks and chickens are able to roam freely in our spacious farm. Our chickens and Ducks are chosen specifically keeping our customers in mind, as they are a slow growing breed and are given enough time to enjoy their lives; living naturally in the outside environment that the farm provides them with.

Laughton’s Oven Ready Ducks

How to contact Laughton’s Poultry:
  • Office: 01227-274437
  • Mobile: 07411452369
  • Email:
  • Address: Waterham Farm, Faversham, Kent, ME13 9EQ

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